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Process Psychology Learning.

A Way of Walking Through the World.

Facilitating Inner and Outer Complexity in Ourselves and Others.

Deep Calling to Deep Silence.

 In this Process Psychology Training weekend, we will deeply explore together how Process Psychology can swiftly transform the improbable into the possible and simplify complexity while being connected to our sentient awareness and deep essence states.

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Training Facilitators: Sherry Marshall and Nicole Kinnaird

at the Centre, Randwick, Sydney  We will look at creative ways to;

  • Increase and strengthen specific Process Psychology skill levels through precise study of signals and feedback etc. on the consensus reality, dreaming and sentient levels.
  • Draw upon the Australian Indigenous concept of Dadirri (as spoken about by elder Miriam Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann of Nauiyu, Daly River region, NT.)
  • Experience the quality of deep listening and quiet, still awareness. We will link this with Process Psychology understanding and valuing of sentient awareness.
  • Sherry will share over 30 years of meditation and mindfulness experience and link deep states of being to living and learning in the world.
  • Tricks to Traverse Long – term Study Edges and Finesse your Process Work style.
  • Facilitating all sides of individual/Group Process and not just your own agenda.
  • How to stay cool when the heat is on when ‘dreamt up’ and under pressure.
  • How ‘Less is More’ expands your skill base by using unique ‘mantras’ as a guide to yourself and others.
  • Integrating how to be, by trusting the essence of who you are.

ANZPOP Diplomate Faculty Trainers

Sherry (BSc. Sociology, Masters Social Ecology, MA. Social Work) is an individual, relationships and family therapist and supervisor. her main modality is Process Oriented Psychology.  She has worked as a consultant in corporate companies and non-profit organisations. She is a writer and published author on Tibetan Buddhism. Sherry is passionate about developing inner and outer freedom, exploring awareness, deep wisdom and creating a meaningful life for all.

Nicole works in private practice in Brisbane as a Psychotherapist with adults, couples, families, children and groups. She is qualified in Social Work and is a Process Oriented Psychology Diplomate. She enjoys using creative Process Oriented approaches, working with art and movement, dream work, sand tray and symbol work, and Earth-based wisdom. She is passionate about maintaining a vibrant relationship life with herself, her partner and children and has a special interest in Ancestry, specifically how connection to our ancestors deepens our connection to ourselves, others and the land.

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