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Dance Beyond Time

Dance your Dream Never forget your dreaming and dance in life. Remember when we were young, we danced until the morning star was gone. So full of hopes and plans. Everything was possible. We worked, played, travelled, fell in and out of love, had our hearts broken, mourned the...

Work to Live, Don’t Live to Work

Do you work to live or living to work? Has work taken over your life? I saw this headline in the Sydney Morning Herald on 8/6/2017. “Workers treated like slaves.” Work gets fairly crazy this time of year. Is your work getting you down? The term ‘slave...

Change. Why is it so Hard?

Why is it so Hard to Change? We often feel that we want to make a change in our life, but why is it so hard to change?  We make a decision and even have a plan. Some of us throw ourselves in, with great enthusiasm. We sign up at a gym, start a diet, look for a new job, go out to...

A Minimalist Simple Life?

Would you like to have a minimalist, simple life? Having a minimalist lifestyle has been popular for a few years now. Ok, it’s true that I am highly unlikely to be able to move all my possessions by bicycle or even in my car! However, the phrase ‘Less is More’...

Flu and The Flow of Nature

Flu and The Flow of Nature What on earth does catching the flu have to do with the flow of Nature? Like the seasons come and go and sometimes the river is in flood or dries up because of lack of rain, our bodies also go through changes of being well and sick throughout our life....

You are a Human Being

A Human, Being. Have you ever thought that you are called a human being? Or rather a Human, Being. If you ever wrote a letter to your future self about who you are now and who you would like to become, would it just include what you achieve, what you want, your goals and your...

The Forgotten Secret of Age

There is a secret in this world that is rarely spoken of. It is hidden from view, unseen amongst the cracks of time, invisible and forgotten by most. Deliberately obscured, if it shines through a crack, it is quickly concealed by those who sideways glance at it. It is similar to...

The Pizza Eater. Food for Thought! The Discovery Diet. Chpt. 2

It’s never just about the food. Fast food is the speed of drugs and forbidden food is an instant magnet. Sugar calls out to us on every street corner and we let the scales dictate our level of happiness.  In Chapter 1 of the Discovery Diet, I talked about the questio...

The Seasons of Being in Love

If love comes and goes, then it’s not love we are feeling. Nature reflects to us the seasons of love. We love romance and being in love. We look at the world through a soft focus of rosy, love tinted glasses. Our heart sings, we smile and laugh and feel overjoyed and more alive...

Gratitude is the Smile of Love

‘ If you want to find happiness, find gratitude.’ Steve Maraboli ‘Gratitude is the smile of love.’ A deep heart-felt appreciation will give you a surprising strength and power to transform yourself and help you feel happier and more peaceful. Recent research has shown...