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Longing for Real Relationship

Longing for Real Relationship- with or without a partner, with Sherry Marshall. May 2010 Hobart Many of us often have a longing for real relationship, whether we are with or without a partner. Whether we are in an intimate relationship with someone or not, we may experience many...
buddhism and psychology- a monk sits under a tree to meditate

Why Meditate with Sydney Relationships Therapist

 Based on the teachings of Sogyal Rinpoche, author of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying  Sherry Marshall, a Sydney counsellor and relationships therapist who specializes in Process oriented Psychology has been teaching Buddhist mediation for many years in Sydney CBD and on the...
Relationship counselling & psychology - how to deal with relationships, emotions and conflicts


       RELATIONSHIPS This article about Relationships, Conflict Resolution and Marriage Counselling was written for a Buddhist and Psychology conference held at a retreat centre, outside of Melbourne.  Sherry Marshall, a Sydney relationships therapist, marriage...
We all experience many emotions, happiness, sadness, depression, anxiety, joy. Find out how you can balance these using counselling & therapy.

Dealing with Emotions in Yourself or in Relationships

If your emotions feel ‘out of balance’ over time, see your Doctor and obtain medical and psychological help by consulting a counsellor or therapist or psychologist. Talking with a therapist or counsellor or process oriented psychologist supports you to balance your...
It is now scientifically proved that we can change our thoughts and our minds and that changes our brain! Discover how this is done using the process mind.

Searching for Gold on a Wobbly Planet

Searching for Gold on a Wobbly Planet: Exploring New Perspectives as a Therapist in Process Earth Based Psychology, Contemplative Neuroscience and Process Mind. “More gold has been mined from the thoughts of man than has ever been taken from the earth.” Napoleon Hill...
how to resolve conflict in relationships using counselling or therapy.

Practical Skills for Conflict Resolution in Relationships and Marriage

Practical skills for Conflict Resolution in Relationships and Marriage. Talk with the other person so that they are involved with your ongoing inner process, rather than going away and making decisions about what you want, in isolation from them. Improve your communication by...