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Sydney Snow

 The winds still blow in Sydney and across Australia. Snow now falls on the mountain peaks. I see the summits in the cloud formations scudding across the sky in Sydney. I found this wondrous poem by the ancient, eccentric Zen Buddhist monk, seer and poet, Ryokan. (1758–1831). He...

How to be wise

Being Wise. Writing about being wise is probably a foolish thing to do! Images of deeply silent or laughing teachers, aware and present in every moment and flowing with what just is, rather than how we would like things to be, float around in my mind. They have mysterious smiles...

The Dog Blog. Therapy for Humans.

Welcome to the first dog blog wagging tails, therapy for humans. Dogs really know the psychology of humans so we are writing this blog. There will be a different guest dog every blog. I’m a chocolate labradoodle, called Chocolatte. Oh, so obvious and spoken in a French...

Kissing in cars. A Bygone Age.

  I am feeling nostalgic for the days or rather nights, when we were kissing in cars.  Grieving my lost youth suddenly or more likely, facing how the world is changing for better or worse. Does anyone drive down ‘Lovers Lane’ anymore and smooch until the windows fog up. Who...

Instant Solutions. Real Satisfaction?

We live in a world now where we expect instant solutions for everything. The faster the better. We are constantly wooed by the glittering possibility that we can have whatever we want and immediate pleasure is available to us. However, all that glitters is not gold. Are instant...

A novel way to write a novel book

Process Oriented Psychology helped me write my book, so I wrote this blog on how to write  a book in a novel way. Writing a book. Exhilarating, inspirational, joyful; also frustrating, exasperating, hard work, and challenging. Writing in a different way re-inspires and unblocks...

Conflict Resolution Skills with Sydney Process Counselling and Therapy

This article discusses Conflict Resolution Skills from more ‘traditional’ methods and also ways of working from Process Psychology. As a therapist, counsellor and relationships therapist, it is important to become skillful in conflict resolution skills. The Facilitator...
It is now scientifically proved that we can change our thoughts and our minds and that changes our brain! Discover how this is done using the process mind.

Searching for Gold on a Wobbly Planet

Searching for Gold on a Wobbly Planet: Exploring New Perspectives as a Therapist in Process Earth Based Psychology, Contemplative Neuroscience and Process Mind. “More gold has been mined from the thoughts of man than has ever been taken from the earth.” Napoleon Hill...