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A New Year’s Eve Tale. Succeed or Fail?

As we move closer to New Year’s Eve, you may be thinking about what has happened to you in 2015 and making New Year’s Eve Resolutions for next year. You may wonder if you are, indeed going to have a happy New Year and in 2016? New Year’s Eve Resolutions...

The Seasons of Being in Love

If love comes and goes, then it’s not love we are feeling. Nature reflects to us the seasons of love. We love romance and being in love. We look at the world through a soft focus of rosy, love tinted glasses. Our heart sings, we smile and laugh and feel overjoyed and more alive...

The Timeless Tao Today

The Tao Te Ching. Lao Tzu. Commentary on Chapter 2. Duality and Detachment. Duality is like the two sides of the same coin. There cannot be one without the other. We cannot know beauty without the concept of ugly. There is no good without bad. We can’t appreciate feeling happy if...

A Search for Meaning. Connecting with Buddhist Teachers

This new E. book, A Search for Meaning, Connecting with Buddhist Teachers has been published from a paperbook edition (Simon and Schuster) to an E. book on Amazon, Smashwords and Apple. To BUY THE BOOK, scroll to the end of the article  for website links.  It makes great reading...

Spirituality and Success with Sydney therapist and Relationships Counsellor

 Spirituality on the Mountaintop and Success in the Material world seem to be at two seemingly opposite polarities. Sherry Marshall, a Sydney Process Therapist and Relationships Counsellor is facilitating a workshop that allows you to explore and  integrate both levels in your...