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Change your Mind and You Change the World. The Intimacy of being Human. Relationships and Conflict Resolution

A one day Course on Relationships and Conflict Facilitation. (An Australia and New Zealand Process Psychology Event) Saturday, June 29th 2013. Sydney. “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, change.” Wayne Dyer. Experience an Enjoyable,...
Relationship counselling & psychology - how to deal with relationships, emotions and conflicts


       RELATIONSHIPS This article about Relationships, Conflict Resolution and Marriage Counselling was written for a Buddhist and Psychology conference held at a retreat centre, outside of Melbourne.  Sherry Marshall, a Sydney relationships therapist, marriage...
We all experience many emotions, happiness, sadness, depression, anxiety, joy. Find out how you can balance these using counselling & therapy.

Dealing with Emotions in Yourself or in Relationships

If your emotions feel ‘out of balance’ over time, see your Doctor and obtain medical and psychological help by consulting a counsellor or therapist or psychologist. Talking with a therapist or counsellor or process oriented psychologist supports you to balance your...
How to find happiness through meditation, counselling, therapy and psychology techniques. Beat depression, anxiety and stress with simple and effective techniques.

Yearning for Happiness

The latest mainstream thinking on happiness has developed in the last few years with happiness being researched and new therapies such as Positive Psychology, Laughter Therapy, Mindfulness Core Therapy, etc. emerging. There are many different viewpoints which I include here. The...
how to resolve conflict in relationships using counselling or therapy.

Practical Skills for Conflict Resolution in Relationships and Marriage

Practical skills for Conflict Resolution in Relationships and Marriage. Talk with the other person so that they are involved with your ongoing inner process, rather than going away and making decisions about what you want, in isolation from them. Improve your communication by...
addictions counselling & therapy: gambling, alcohol, drugs

Process Work With Addictions, Altered States, and Social Change

by Dr. Arnold Mindell The Dreambody I came across the idea of the dreambody 9 or 10 years ago. At that time I was working with a man who was dying of a metastasized cancer of the stomach. He was in the last stages of his life, and had just undergone another failed operation. They...

Life and Death

Life and death  are inextricably bound together. ‘We do not know when or how we will die. However what we do know, is that we will probably die as we have lived.’ “When I thought I was learning to live, I was actually learning how to die.” “We cannot...