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Chasing Happiness. The Buddhist Path of Therapy

    Chasing Happiness Breathing under water is like chasing happiness. ‘I know a place where happiness lives. It can’t be hunted nor chased nor pursued or caught. Happiness lives here because it’s not from elsewhere. It simply radiates from everywhere. You simply come here...

An Enchanted Love

A love story set in the Himalaya mountains. Extracts from my 2nd book by Sherry Marshall Sydney CBD and Northern Beaches Process Therapist and Relationships Counsellor The dazzling rays of the sun glinted golden as they briefly touched the wing of the plane, as it dipped and...

Inner Transformation through Meditation and Inner Work

      As a therapist and counsellor based in Sydney, I feel that Inner transformation starts with inner work and meditation. In Process therapy and Buddhism the method of working is also the goal. In developing the ability to live completely in every moment, this is the path...

The Journey of Love

Oh sometimes how we yearn for love, dreaming of our beloved who appears to us. Like looking in a mirror and seeing the unknown aspects of ourselves, reflecting back to us. We fall in love, yet it is not called falling for nothing! We fall out of our rational, thinking minds and...

Hope and Healing

Hope and Healing. We and the Earth Are One. with Sherry Marshall. 2011. Earth Based Psychology. Hope and healing. We and the earth are One. ‘The World and Nature are in your Body, Feelings and Relationships and vice versa.’ As we experience more extreme weather around...

Longing for Real Relationship

Longing for Real Relationship- with or without a partner, with Sherry Marshall. May 2010 Hobart Many of us often have a longing for real relationship, whether we are with or without a partner. Whether we are in an intimate relationship with someone or not, we may experience many...
It is now scientifically proved that we can change our thoughts and our minds and that changes our brain! Discover how this is done using the process mind.

Searching for Gold on a Wobbly Planet

Searching for Gold on a Wobbly Planet: Exploring New Perspectives as a Therapist in Process Earth Based Psychology, Contemplative Neuroscience and Process Mind. “More gold has been mined from the thoughts of man than has ever been taken from the earth.” Napoleon Hill...