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Humour your Therapy Shit

How to humour your therapy shit? This blog is a lighthearted look at how we get into a mess and out of it again! Yes, it’s a ‘tongue in cheek,’ sort of funny blog post because sometimes it’s useful not to take everything so seriously!  It’s really...

Change. Why is it so Hard?

Why is it so Hard to Change? We often feel that we want to make a change in our life, but why is it so hard to change?  We make a decision and even have a plan. Some of us throw ourselves in, with great enthusiasm. We sign up at a gym, start a diet, look for a new job, go out to...

A Minimalist Simple Life?

Would you like to have a minimalist, simple life? Having a minimalist lifestyle has been popular for a few years now. Ok, it’s true that I am highly unlikely to be able to move all my possessions by bicycle or even in my car! However, the phrase ‘Less is More’...

The Obstacle as Path

The Obstacle is the Path There is an ancient Zen Buddhist saying, “The obstacle is the path.” Wouldn’t be wonderful if we didn’t have any problems? Maybe yes but also no. How will we learn and grow if we don’t face some obstacles? Even crops and...

Technology. Love or Hate?

TECHNOLOGY. Good or Bad? The world is actually changing as you read this! Technology has grabbed us all in one way or another. Debates and discussions ensue whether it’s a good or bad thing. Psychologists, Counsellors and Therapists are faced with increasing numbers of...

Flu and The Flow of Nature

Flu and The Flow of Nature What on earth does catching the flu have to do with the flow of Nature? Like the seasons come and go and sometimes the river is in flood or dries up because of lack of rain, our bodies also go through changes of being well and sick throughout our life....

How to be wise

Being Wise. Writing about being wise is probably a foolish thing to do! Images of deeply silent or laughing teachers, aware and present in every moment and flowing with what just is, rather than how we would like things to be, float around in my mind. They have mysterious smiles...

A New Year’s Eve Tale. Succeed or Fail?

As we move closer to New Year’s Eve, you may be thinking about what has happened to you in 2015 and making New Year’s Eve Resolutions for next year. You may wonder if you are, indeed going to have a happy New Year and in 2016? New Year’s Eve Resolutions...

Longing to Belong.

There is a thread that binds us all, a deep yearning and longing to belong. A sense of belonging resonates deep inside all of us. In the mainstream world, we can belong with family or  a partner, community and country. However many feel that they have never belonged and harbor...

The Dog Blog. Therapy for Humans.

Welcome to the first dog blog wagging tails, therapy for humans. Dogs really know the psychology of humans so we are writing this blog. There will be a different guest dog every blog. I’m a chocolate labradoodle, called Chocolatte. Oh, so obvious and spoken in a French...