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SMH Article: Can you make someone fall in love with you?

The Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper recently quoted me in an article on ‘Can you make someone fall in love with you?’ Is there a mysterious spark that some people have when they meet or are there ways to help love happen? Is the best way to just be ourselves and be loving, honest...

Don’t take Love for Granted

Relationship is a gift. Nothing should be taken for granted, especially Love.  We need to feel loved and appreciated in a relationship. Some signals that we are being taken for granted are; Our partner doesn’t have or make time for you They don’t seem to care whether you are with...

The Seasons of Being in Love

If love comes and goes, then it’s not love we are feeling. Nature reflects to us the seasons of love. We love romance and being in love. We look at the world through a soft focus of rosy, love tinted glasses. Our heart sings, we smile and laugh and feel overjoyed and more alive...

Longing for Real Relationship

Longing for Real Relationship- with or without a partner, with Sherry Marshall. May 2010 Hobart Many of us often have a longing for real relationship, whether we are with or without a partner. Whether we are in an intimate relationship with someone or not, we may experience many...