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Technology. Love or Hate?

TECHNOLOGY. Good or Bad? The world is actually changing as you read this! Technology has grabbed us all in one way or another. Debates and discussions ensue whether it’s a good or bad thing. Psychologists, Counsellors and Therapists are faced with increasing numbers of...

The Forgotten Secret of Age

There is a secret in this world that is rarely spoken of. It is hidden from view, unseen amongst the cracks of time, invisible and forgotten by most. Deliberately obscured, if it shines through a crack, it is quickly concealed by those who sideways glance at it. It is similar to...

More of Everything but Less Happiness

Why do we have Less Happiness? We want more love and happiness but have less kindness. We have more relationships but feel less happiness. We have more sex but experience less intimacy. We have more social media but less real friends. More marriages but less fidelity. More...