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The Dog Blog. Therapy for Humans. How to be Lucky.

I am called Lucky. Yes, seriously that is my name. Welcome to the 2nd Dog blog. Therapy for Humans. I know you all want to hear about how to be lucky, but don’t get too excited and jump up yet.   I have to introduce myself to you first. I’m a Maltese ShihTzu which means I’m a...

The Pizza Eater. Food for Thought! The Discovery Diet. Chpt. 2

It’s never just about the food. Fast food is the speed of drugs and forbidden food is an instant magnet. Sugar calls out to us on every street corner and we let the scales dictate our level of happiness.  In Chapter 1 of the Discovery Diet, I talked about the questio...

Yearning For Happiness and Contentment

Yearning For Happiness and Contentment.  Flow & Sustainable Excellence. An Inner & Outer Quest for Balance We yearn for happiness and contentment. This is a workshop to discover personal and creative waysto meet the spirit of our times from a Process Work perspective....