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Change. Why is it so Hard?

Why is it so Hard to Change? We often feel that we want to make a change in our life, but why is it so hard to change?  We make a decision and even have a plan. Some of us throw ourselves in, with great enthusiasm. We sign up at a gym, start a diet, look for a new job, go out to...

A Good Story

What is the story of your Life? I love a good story or poem, especially when they are in the realm of the spiritual and psychological. Add in a dash of humour, a Zen koan or two for mystery, a Japanese haiku and a Buddhist teaching and there is a sweet mixture of enlightenment...

How to be wise

Being Wise. Writing about being wise is probably a foolish thing to do! Images of deeply silent or laughing teachers, aware and present in every moment and flowing with what just is, rather than how we would like things to be, float around in my mind. They have mysterious smiles...

The Dog Blog. Therapy for Humans.

Welcome to the first dog blog wagging tails, therapy for humans. Dogs really know the psychology of humans so we are writing this blog. There will be a different guest dog every blog. I’m a chocolate labradoodle, called Chocolatte. Oh, so obvious and spoken in a French...

Worldwork and Conflict in the World Today.

Guest Blogs on Worldwork and Group Work in Process Oriented Psychology  Us and Them.   by Grzegorz Zieliński and Liz Scarfe (2 voices speaking about shared and individual Worldwork experiences) When I think about writing an article on Worldwork I see the first line starting...

Don’t take Love for Granted

Relationship is a gift. Nothing should be taken for granted, especially Love.  We need to feel loved and appreciated in a relationship. Some signals that we are being taken for granted are; Our partner doesn’t have or make time for you They don’t seem to care whether you are with...

The Timeless Tao Today

The Tao Te Ching. Lao Tzu. Chapter 1 The essence of the Tao cannot be spoken. Words and speech can only take us to a certain point. In order to step through the doorway into the secret mysteries of the Universe, we need to go beyond our thinking mind into the essence or absolute...

A novel way to write a novel book

Process Oriented Psychology helped me write my book, so I wrote this blog on how to write  a book in a novel way. Writing a book. Exhilarating, inspirational, joyful; also frustrating, exasperating, hard work, and challenging. Writing in a different way re-inspires and unblocks...

Handy Hints on How to Beat Stress. Quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper

Sherry Marshall, Process Oriented Therapist and Relationships Counsellor was interviewed by the Australian Sydney Morning Herald newspaper on how to beat stress on 14/3/2014. Part of her interview is included in this article here. While stress can either hinder or help us, we...

Trust the Therapy Process.Wellington Boots in Venice. We are all Venetians Now.

 Trust the therapy process. What on earth do wellington boots in Venice have to do with therapy or Process Psychology or counselling? And did you know that you can buy wellington boots from ice cream vendors in Venice? ‘An apartment for rent states, we always supply five pairs of...