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The Dog Blog. Therapy for Humans. How to be Lucky.

I am called Lucky. Yes, seriously that is my name. Welcome to the 2nd Dog blog. Therapy for Humans. I know you all want to hear about how to be lucky, but don’t get too excited and jump up yet.   I have to introduce myself to you first. I’m a Maltese ShihTzu which means I’m a...

Chasing Happiness. The Buddhist Path of Therapy

    Chasing Happiness Breathing under water is like chasing happiness. ‘I know a place where happiness lives. It can’t be hunted nor chased nor pursued or caught. Happiness lives here because it’s not from elsewhere. It simply radiates from everywhere. You simply come here...

A Search for Meaning. Connecting with Buddhist Teachers

This new E. book, A Search for Meaning, Connecting with Buddhist Teachers has been published from a paperbook edition (Simon and Schuster) to an E. book on Amazon, Smashwords and Apple. To BUY THE BOOK, scroll to the end of the article  for website links.  It makes great reading...