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Sherry Marshall, Process Oriented Therapist and Relationships Counsellor was interviewed by the Australian Sydney Morning Herald newspaper on how to beat stress on 14/3/2014. She then was interviewed by Clive Robertson on radio 2UE Sydney, and on the Health and Wellbeing show on radio 4BC.

Sherry talks about if we can’t change our external circumstances, we can change how we think about it. She also gives handy hints on how to deal with stress and what makes us feel happier.

Happiness starts in the mind, she says, but when we get what we want the happiness associated with that lasts an average of three days. “Everyone has a set happiness point which we return to.” Each “point” is different but most importantly it’s changeable, depending on your attitude.

Find a way to live your life that you choose, not the life society tells you will make you happy.

“The myth of happiness is made up of many different factors. Happiness doesn’t so much depend on our external factors, though they can help. It’s what we think and how we feel.

Is Commuting making you miserable? Sherry talks on The Health and Wellbeing Show on Radio 4BC. Brisbane, Australia

Sherry talks about Process Oriented Psychology and how to resolve conflict in relationships on Radio 4BC.

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