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Photos of Process Psychology students at a training course in Sydney 2013. This part of the course was facilitated by Sherry Marshall, a Faculty Director of Australia and New Zealand Process Oriented Psychology and Director of Sydney Counselling and Therapy.

Process Psychology offers a Diploma course and a 2 year Certificate course.  The Process oriented paradigm brings a new dimension to psychological practice in that it values and includes both inner and outer experiences and provides tools to work with the dynamic relationship between them in both individual and group work. The training is not an end in itself, but a gate through which students follow their wider path as psychotherapists and facilitators in the helping professions. The training is for both practicing psychotherapists and facilitators and those who are seeking to qualify for practice. We hope that the supportive and rigorous nature of the program will help you in your personal and professional development and bring greater awareness to your relationship with yourself, others and the world.

Through IAPOP, the ANZPOP Diploma Program is networked to training programs in other countries.

The Certificate Program is intended for people who want to explore the principles and practice of Process Work for their personal growth and education, and perhaps to inform their work in an allied profession. It also gives prospective students a chance to take a more formal structured approach to learning Process Work which may lead to more extensive study in the Diploma program. Some students are professionals in fields such as counseling, psychotherapy, social work, organisational consultancies, education, law, the arts and religion. Others come from health related fields such as psychology, mental health, nursing and medicine.

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