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Objects of Enchantment

What enchants us, I wonder? I came across the phrase, ‘Objects of Enchantment’ this week. It’s used by architects when, for example, they put a feature like animage-e1368656105450 amazing water fountain in a garden. It ‘flirted’ with me, as we say in Process Psychology ie. it unexpectedly and surprisingly caught my attention.
I thought, what a strange, unknown thing to be writing about in my very first blog. Shouldn’t I be blogging about things of real importance? World issues, politics, poverty, misuse of power, dealing with rapid change? Or that anxiety, depression and stress are some of the biggest mental health issues in Sydney, Australia as well as round the world. They are key topics, along with relationships, discussed in psychology, counselling and therapy sessions.

But no, it got under my skin. The dreaming and mystery of what makes an enchanted life? To put the senses under a spell. In a way, falling in love is something that enchants a lot of us, though it’s not called falling for nothing! I can feel it when I close my eyes, the whispered promise to all of us to live an enchanted life. Resting happily and gently in the nature of what is. The bliss of hearing the gentle rain fall softly on the earth or the smell and sight of the waves on a rolling ocean. The glint of sunlight reflecting on the water, the clouds skidding across the blue sky on the cry of the wild wind. Nature calling us to step inside our own true nature of who we truly are.
Our suffering, disappointments and emotions etc. sometimes arise from the sense that we think and feel that things are meant to be different to how they actually are! Wow, that takes a lot of acceptance and detachment, just to be with how things are, rather than liking or disliking. We are drawn towards what attracts us and move away from things that we have an aversion to. Different to a state of mind and attitude that ‘just is.’

Whenever we think we should do something, it takes us further away from who we really are. Just being our true authentic self and not necessarily following the ‘conventional unexamined life.’ Of course, we may choose to act about things that happen in the world that need direct action now. Yet, somehow, it all seems to go around in circles, again and again. The choice between a spiritual path and an activist path, yet are they really that different? Not in the essence of our pristine nature. It just looks like it is different from the outside, not when we are deeply inside and connected to ourselves and others. Then there is no ‘I or other.’

Allowing our inspiration, passion and curiosity to surface, giving ourselves permission to follow what catches and leads us in the moment, even if we don’t rationally understand why or where it may take us. It feels radical and yet right. Being more in the moment, more Zen like and simplistic, as we surf or get dumped by the waves of Life.
Take it easy, Keep it simple the Zen Buddhist teachers whisper across the centuries.

“The clouds come and go,
providing a rest for all
the moon viewers”
Matsuo Basho’s Haiku

So what enchants you in your life right now? I would love to hear your comments and please share the blog with anyone who may benefit.

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About the Author
Sherry (BSc. Sociology; MAA. Social Work, AMHSW; Masters Science Soc. Ecology; Diplomate, Process Psychology) is a faculty Director of ANZPOP.

She has offered expert psychological counselling in Australia and overseas since 1989. Sherry is currently based in both the Sydney CBD and on the Northern Beaches near Manly. She also offers national and international phone and Skype appointments.

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