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Counselling, Psychology, TherapyTeamwork, meditation and group work counselling slideHow to find happiness through meditation, counselling, therapy and psychology techniques. Beat depression, anxiety and stress with simple and effective techniques.

E-book released!

Sherry's book has now been released on Amazon, iTunes and Smashwords. Click to find out more...

Psychology & Buddhism

Sherry has written a thesis on Process Psychology & Buddhism. Click the image to read an excerpt.

The Blissful Blog

Surfing the Nature of Life and Love, Buddhism and Process Psychology. Click the image to check out Sherry's new blog!

Sherry Marshall (BSc. Sociology; MAA. Social Work; AMHSW; Masters Soc. Ec; Faculty Director, Process Oriented Psychology) is a contributor to the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper and is a guest therapist on Australian radio.

You can NOW BUY ‘A Search for Meaning. Connecting with Buddhist Teachers’ by Sherry Marshall. Only $9.99 HERE:

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Sherry Marshall (BSc. Sociology; MAA. Social Work; AMHSW; Masters Soc. Ec; Faculty Director, Process Oriented Psychology) is Director of Sydney Process Counselling & Therapy. Sherry is an experienced and highly qualified Process Oriented Therapist as well as a qualified Family and Relationships Therapist and registered Mental Health Social Worker.

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Process Work

Process Oriented Psychology or Process Work, as it is known, develops awareness and unfolds and follows what is happening. This applies to whether you are working with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, conflict resolution, addictions, grief...

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Ebook Released

We're very excited to announce the release of Sherry's book 'A Search for Meaning - Connecting with Buddhist Teachers' on Amazon, iTunes and Smashwords. To find out more about the book and how you can purchase a copy, click below.

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National and Overseas Skype and Phone appointments now available. Medicare Rebates are also available.

Counselling & Therapy

Sherry provides therapy on many levels; 'practical, deep emotional work and on 'the dreaming level.

  • Improving relationships, family dynamics and parenting skills.
  • Managing Career and work stressors.
  • Personal Development
  • Conflict Resolution at work or at home.
  • Transforming emotional states such as anxiety, depression, grief and loss, altered states and addictions etc.
  • Understanding dreams.
  • Body symptoms and illness.
  • Unfolding your deeper dreaming so you can follow more closely your authentic self.
  • Accessing and exploring the 'essence level', where duality dissolves. You can find yourself in mindfulness, calm and happy peaceful states of mind and deep meditation and spiritual experiences.

Life Coaching

Sherry also offers Life Coaching in many areas, including;

  • Business: whether you are starting a new business or wishing to improve or invigorate a current one.
  • Assertiveness training: increasing Confidence and self - esteem.
  • Achieving Weight loss goals: changing how you eat and exercise and understanding the underlying causes of how your mind and body operate together.
  • Leadership: Learning and Practice, and dealing with individual and organisational Change Dynamics.
  • Dream work: helping you discover and guide yourself onto new paths through understanding your dreams more.It can motivate you to further live your heart path and be true to yourself.
  • Mindfulness and Meditation: develop a calm mind and can create a transformative paradigm shift and change of attitude.
  • Self- care: dealing with fatigue and overwhelm.
  • Supervision, Training and Group Facilitation: available to all who are studying or practicing as a Therapist, Counsellor, Process Psychologist, Social Worker, Body work practitioner, or as a Mentor/Manager etc. We can explore areas such as hierarchy and rank issues, power, leadership, conflict facilitation, working in teams, giving and receiving feedback, our and other's learning styles and how to deal with organisational systems and change.

Using easily understood, step by step Process Therapy techniques, together we can untangle patterns from the past, unfold who you really are and plan your future direction. Deepening your inner/outer experiences, you can bring changes, awareness and meaning into your daily life.

About the Practice

Based in Sydney City CBD and on the Northern beaches near Manly, Sherry Marshall author(BSc. Sociology/Social Admin; MAA. Social Work. AMHSW; Masters Social Ecology, Process Oriented Psychology) is a qualified therapist with over 30 years experience in Australia and England.

Sherry Marshall specializes, using Process Psychology and Mindfulness Therapy to allow you to;
Discover your power and leadership and innovative creativity to bring new directions and integration.
Unlock your inner wisdom and make it useful in your daily life.
Create more purpose and meaning in your life.
Increase awareness and discover new surprising answers, at home and at work.

When we become more connected to ourselves and our rich inner creativity, we can discover that our yearning for happiness, deep dreaming and confident relating becomes possible and sustainable. Discovering that we can become the change we wish to see in the world, is an exciting and inspirational path which allows us to deeply trust and follow our own authenticity.

Sherry works with the latest and innovative current thinking and methods in Process Oriented Psychology, with a global student training programme in Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, England, Europe, S. Africa, Russia, Israel, India, Africa, Japan, Mexico and Switzerland etc. Individual and Relationships therapy and Life coaching enables you to understand what you need, how to choose and make changes and create meaning and purpose in your life.

Serving the Sydney CBD, Manly and the Northern beaches, Eastern Suburbs and North Sydney - including Surry Hills, Bondi Junction, Darling Point, Woollahra, Edgecliff, Kings Cross, Double Bay, Paddington, Potts Point.

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Therapy, Counselling and Buddhist Meditation These share many ways of working with our mind. Meditation can be seen as...

A Search for Meaning. Connecting with Buddhist Teachers

This new E. book, A Search for Meaning, Connecting with Buddhist Teachers has been published from a paperbook edition...

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A love story set in the Himalaya mountains. Extracts from my 2nd book by Sherry Marshall Sydney CBD and Northern Beaches...

From the Blog


A novel way to write a novel book

Process Oriented Psychology helped me write my book, so I wrote this blog on how to write  a book in a novel way. Writing a book. Exhilarating, inspirational, joyful; also frustrating, exasperating, hard work, and challenging. Writing in a different way re-inspires and unblocks...

The Discovery Diet.

What are we so hungry for? The dilemma about diets is that we are afraid that if we don’t diet, we won’t lose weight and look slim and attractive or we are really overweight and need to diet for our health and wellbeing.  However, we also know from experience that we will just...

Sydney Morning Herald Interview Is Commuting making you Miserable?

Commuting could be making you miserable – especially if you catch the bus. Sherry Marshall, Sydney therapist and relationships counsellor who specializes in Process Oriented Psychology and author of ‘A Search for Meaning, Connecting with Buddhist Teachers’ is...

Chasing Happiness. The Buddhist Path of Therapy

    Chasing Happiness Breathing under water is like chasing happiness. ‘I know a place where happiness lives. It can’t be hunted nor chased nor pursued or caught. Happiness lives here because it’s not from elsewhere. It simply radiates from everywhere. You simply come here...
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